5 Free Best Tools For Email Marketing To Save Your Time And Money

email marketing

Email marketing is the process of using email to deliver a promotional message, usually to a group of individuals. Each email sent to a prospective or existing customer could be known as email marketing in its simplest terms.

Email marketing is on one of the ways that has remained more or less the same, While certain trends come and go fast, channels of marketing evolve over time. In fact, for both B2C and B2B marketers, email continues to be the top channel for content marketing. 87 percent of B2B marketers and 77 percent of B2C marketers use it to nurture their audience.

It will also help you improve other social marketing networks. With that said, in their email marketing campaigns, marketers also face a lot of challenges. One of these key challenges is simply the amount of time it takes to create a great looking email from scratch. Marketers can end up spending a lot of time creating and sending out emails that don’t look exactly stunning without effective tools. This hinders productivity while your email marketing ROI is being dragged down.

You’ve been sending out emails that you’ve built up over the past few months to your list of about 50-200 subscribers, but Outlook is just not making it enough. Sometimes you lose your e-mails in a spam folder, and then you probably went to CC instead of Bcc’ing! Unfortunately, that triggered a few unsubscribers, which, of course, had to be manually deleted.

However, email marketing tools don’t have to be costly. You can find many free email marketing tools to save you money and time.

A better way must be there, right?

It may be time to try an email tool that is more professional. But wait, there are really a lot of free email marketing services that can do the work well before you scream out ‘technical = costly’. No more surprises from spam and no more embarrassing abuse of personal records.

For our list of the best free resources for email marketing, read on:

1. Hubspot


HubSpot has recently released a free email marketing service, perhaps best known for its marketing automation program, that can support a lot of the transactional email needs of a small business.

HubSpot Email Marketing’s free edition will do that, if you need to deliver kickback emails from lead deals, thank you emails after order, or simply support existing campaigns. Its ease of use is one of the best aspects of HubSpot’s free email tool. The tool features a convenient visual drag-and-drop editor, and it also comes loaded with ready-made models to quickly get you up and running.

Collect contacts through HubSpot forms, manage contacts in their advanced CRM, and send free of charge up to 2,000 emails a month. Unlimited users can also be added and contacts assigned to each of them.

The drag and drop editor is pretty smooth and points out something you might have overlooked helpfully. Unfortunately, when it comes to email templates, they do not deliver something special; you just have one simple newsletter or promotion design to configure. Unloading your own or encoding it in HTML is also not feasible.

You’ll have to upgrade to their Sales or Marketing Hub if you want access to models, automation, and landing pages.

2. Sender


With the functionality to guarantee deliverability, Sender is one of the best free email marketing platforms on the market. Without any HTML knowledge, it lets you create stunning newsletters. Only pick a prototype and configure it with images, videos, and text elements. To make an even bigger effect, you can even personalize your newsletters for each recipient.

A quick interface and seamless user experience make Sender one of the simplest tools to use for email marketing. There is also a large allocation of 2,500 users and up to 15,000 emails per month in the free account. Automations, transactional emails, push alerts and forms also provide you with a nice range of features.

One of the top reasons why it’s on our list is the Sender’s robust analytics feature. It helps you to watch who opened your emails when they were opened and clicked on the links, and more. Based on your subscriber behavior, it also lets you build realistic buyer profiles, so you can refine your new email plan and craft convincing deals.

3. Sendinblue


Sendinblue has effectively extended into the email marketing infrastructure space, providing innovative functionality such as SMS marketing and email automation as a transactional email provider.

You will get an unrestricted number of subscriptions on their free plan and send up to 9,000 emails a month, but there is a regular maximum of 300 emails. Some of the functions are also off-limits-you would not have access to email heat charts, opener and clicker information, or ad-free communications.

Sendinblue is a forum for marketing communication incorporating both email marketing tools and additional functions such as maintenance of client relationships and the development of landing pages.

The email design functions of Sendinblue make it simple to create a great-looking email with over 70 design models. Plus, all these models are intuitive, and you can display the findings to guarantee that the concept appears on any screen format the way you want.

You can use functions such as A / B checking and segmented recipient lists after you plan your email to take the manual time and guesswork out of optimizing your campaigns and reaching your optimal audiences.

4. Omnisend


Omnisend is a dynamic marketing tool for e-commerce that combines all the contact channels in one location. Its free package contains just email, but it is more than enough to help small and medium enterprises’ digital marketing initiatives. It enables you to automate the distribution of your email using behavioral stimuli and conveniently time your messages depending on the convenience of your customers.

To send out more important email marketing messages, you can use its extensive audience insights. Using time-saving features such as the Package Picker, which helps you to choose all the items you want to include in your inbox, to craft enticing newsletters. To further optimize your email performance, scratch cards, discount coupon codes, and gift boxes can also be included.

Omnisend has a number of outstanding functionality as an email provider that is heavily tailored to e-commerce, including automation workflows, the option to instantly connect the items of your shop to your newsletters, and cool email add-ons such as scratch cards and gift boxes.

The bad news-on the free plan none of these are available. However, if you want to send emails in large quantities, with an allowance of 15,000 emails per month (2,000 per day), the free plan is quite difficult to beat. You also get A / B checking, monitoring of blogs, 24/7 assistance, deep documentation, and up to 3 pages of forms/landing. Not at all evil.

5. Sendpulse


For advertisers wanting to do more than just email marketing, SendPulse provides a multichannel network. Web push notifications, SMS, Viber, and even transactional emails via SMTP are included in its broad solution set.

SendPulse’s free plan, with a monthly allowance of 15,000 emails, is one of the more generous in terms of sending limits, but only up to 500 subscribers are allowed.

It comes with a lot of email templates professionally crafted that you can conveniently modify using a drag-and-drop editor. You can then set up these personalized emails based on user actions, event prompt, and other variables to be automatically sent out at the right time.

An outstanding way to recognize the most important subscribers is the subscriber ranking feature of SendPulse. It allows the open and clicks rates as well as the read and unread rate of each subscriber to be evaluated. To customize your emails by name, gender, date of birth, age, and work position, you can also set replaceable text fields.

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